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On Calligraphy Study

A brush that is 1 cm in diameter contains about 150,000 lamb hairs. When every possible color we can find in this world is mixed, it will turn out to be black. The white rice paper used in calligraphy represents liberty and purity. The brush has a thousand different possibilities of expression, depending on how you use it with black ink, which represents the mystical power itself. Using brush and ink, an artist can express his/her thoughts on white rice paper, which can hold unlimited numbers of different thoughts and ideas. These three - brush, ink, rice paper - are the most basic material in calligraphy, and they are the three most basic dimensions as well.
Down through history, one after another calligraphic art works of poems and prose have been written down on rice papers, and over the years, have become our classics. The truth about nature and our lives, as perceived by the artists, are compactly embedded in those classic calligraphy poems and prose, and we can even trace history in them. When we delve further into the history of calligraphy, we uncover the wisdom and distinguished thoughts of those leaders who directed and controlled the world through the ages, as well as their sense of aesthetics.
In Asian culture, calligraphy has always been a supreme means to discipline oneself, and to reveal the mysteries of interior dimensions, both the micro and macro cosmos. In modern times, it has solidified its image as an art with a grace, which is outstanding in both visual and emotional expression.
Therefore the images of calligraphy, and its highly graceful world of creation, will not only energize us in modern society - it can also help us find our cultural identities and provide us a foundation for creativity.

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A Flower Named Love
If we were to compact the entire Bible into a word,
It would turn out to be Love.
It is the most beautiful flower that blooms in our world.
It is the most beautiful presence that blooms in the heart of Man.
A flower named love, a name that is prettier than any other flowers,
A flower that any of us can make bloom, if only we try.

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Mother seemed carefree, in a sense. The road Mother took was a long, cracked and broken one. But she didn't mind it. Mother talked only about her hope for her son. She only wished that the road her son was on, be not cracked or broken. She wished on the stars that there be no puddles on the road that her son was taking.



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