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Everything his brush touches on, as it travels around the world, comes alive. Sometimes it is as characters, sometimes as drawings, and sometimes as sounds, bringing about a revelation, that is as startling as the flash of lightning in the middle of a dark night. His astonishing command of characters glitters, even before going through a refining process.
Perhaps author In-sik Son has a spirit that has been purified in his previous life - it reflects various faces of the earth, in a mirror that is not at all cloudy. Things on earth may already have entered into his mirror, making themselves guests to him. I heard his sound, I saw his drawings and calligraphy, and I read his writings - it has been a great delight, in which I found our friendship growing, wishing for the blissful tomorrow. Along with his artwork, I cannot help but like his humanity, which, instead of being sanctimonious, is so generous and humble.
Eun Ko (Poet)


Artists need to have a firm attitude regarding his/her own self. Without stubbornness and strong sense of national identity, it is difficult for any Korean artist to advance to theworld art market. Without understanding the value of relentless efforts and the sacred labor of creation, we cannot expect to achieve the supreme beauty of art.
Artists have to be relentless, never yielding, while they recognize how to pour out their true essence onto the canvas. They must work hard to learn highly advanced techniques and skills, which they can say with confidence are unmatched, anywhere. This is the only way to go beyond their personal limits, and reach the unknown. When this is done, wecan truly say that an artist has been born. Only then will we be able to present, with pride and confidence, works of our own artists in any museum or exhibition. In-sik Son's art works are the culmination of the artist's ongoing efforts to display the beauty of Korea to the world.
If you see a piece of calligraphy, and see a person in it, you are viewing a truly successful piece of art. But too many artists fail to show the personhood in their works. Some might argue, "what's wrong with seeing characters in a piece of calligraphy artwork?" It is difficult to expect those who ask such questions, and who are ignorant about truly successful calligraphy artwork, to find the humanity hidden within a piece of art. In-sik Son values the humanitarian spirit, that underpins any and all calligraphy artwork. In his many speeches, lectures and dissertations, he has always stressed the importance of 'characters of living human soul."
He wrote a number of books in which he emphasized the importance of this belief, and has been highly acclaimed by many critics and general public for his elucidation of the concept.
Do-gok, Tae-jeong Kim (Professor, Taegu Arts University)


In some ways, calligraphy is an immortal activity that seeks to display for eternity, the movementsof the artist's lively will, through the colors and strokes of brush and ink. Such immortality of an artistic activity can be achieved and safeguarded by the bridging of spaces by the ink tones and brush strokes. They come alive through the artist's yearning for an autonomous pure existence and imagination.
Therefore, spaces in calligraphy are the spaces into which unlimited free will of the artist has been infused, and is a unique psychic space whereby the ultimate life and ultimate freedom are sustained..
Anything that exists in the world belongs to those who own it. However, not everyone can own anything in this world. Only those who focus on their own true self, who are willing to let go of every restriction in order to develop and create, can own what they desire. In the artists' world, those who challenge the conventions and go beyond them, daring to explore and create a new world, can achieve what they desire. In-sik Son is an artist who has discovered this.
U-san, Ha-kyung Song (Professor, Sungkyunkwan University)


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