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᡹, Two pieces of poem
"Song of a son leaving home"

Artist's Greeting

There are roads, from which they started,
that, we will never know.
Among those many roads, there is the road of an artist.
Roads and art can always be re-born anew,
re-born by those who reinvent them.
During the process of reinvention, we may have to sweat heavily,
but in the end, I believe,
somebody will greet us with a bouquet of flowers.
It is my life and my happiness
to walk the road of an artist, creating, and adorning the roadside.
Thank you very much.

October 2003
Injae, In-sik Son


In-sik Son
Pen Name and House Name : In-jae, Ki Mook Heon, Il Eui Jae, Jeok Seong Sil

In-sik Son was born in 1995.
From 1992 to 2002, Son taught at colleges and universities including Kangwon University, Kyunghee University Graduate School, Sungkyunkwan University, Jeonju University Graduate School, and Hansung University. He also worked as the managing editor of "Karma", a monthly calligraphy specialty magazine, and served as a member of the planning committee for the World Calligraphy Biennale of Chonbuk,
He has published over 60 different dissertations and reviews on calligraphy and literary arts, along with academic theory books including "Searching for the Color of Ink' and "Principle of Creative Calligraphy" He has also published ninedifferent art books, self-teaching books, and poetry books. In addition, he collaborated on one book and co-edited another, as well.
His exhibition history includes two solo exhibitions, three solo invitational exhibitions, and group invitational exhibitions at the National Museum of Contemporary Art, Modern art, Seoul Art Center, and Seoul Museum of Art. His international exhibitions include overseas invitational exhibitions and international artists exchange exhibitions in China, Japan, Germany and Indonesia. In total, he has participated in over 130 exhibitions, domestically and internationally.
He has also served as a juror 32 times, at various renowned art festivals and contests, including the Grand calligraphy Exhibition of Seoul, the Young Artists Competition hosted by Seoul Museum of Art, and the Calligraphy Arts Exhibition of Korea.
Currently, he is pursuing his own art world, while teaching calligraphy in Jakarta, Indonesia. He is the CEO of "Seoyero, Inc and is running a calligraphy specialized portal website.


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