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On Literary Arts

Painting knows no limit in subjects. Anything we see and imagine can be put into paintings. Literary arts are no exception to this rule. The only difference is that they are created by scholars and thus have their own distinctive characteristics. Traditionally, our ancestors lived out lives of 'Humanitarianism", searching for the virtues and dignity of human kind. Calligraphy was a means for them to go beyond mundane daily routines, and transcend themselves without losing their foothold as scholars.
Therefore, first, the literary arts focus on how well internal nature and the concepts of various realities are grasped and manifested through well-trained insightful sense.
Second, literary arts value the beauty of empty space, and the artistic expression manifested in strokes of brush and ink, as well as the diverse tones of the color black itself.
These two are the basic pre-requisites for calligraphy to be considered a literary art. In a literary art that is true to itself, we can easily witness the accumulated techniques and skills of brush and ink, and the highly refined sense of intuition that can be achieved only through training. Since individual methods of artistic expression are achieved through full understanding of true liberty and virtues, each artwork embodies the internal dimensions of the artists themselves.
While novels and poems are the written form of art, either in narrative format or in compacted format, literary art is a form that expresses the internal world of an artist in visual calligraphy. Therefore, people consider literary art as the culmination of expressional art, embodying both calligraphy and the Asian sense of beauty.

三友圖, 130×65cm,화선지ㆍ먹,
1996년 서울대 소장

風枝露葉(竹), 37×83.5 cm, 화선지ㆍ먹,
인도네시아展 출품작, 2000년, 개인소장
다듬이 소리, 132.5 × 67cm,
한지ㆍ먹ㆍ마포, 1997년,개인소장
예술의전당 개관 10주년 기념 한중일 작가
초대전ㆍ독일세계문화의집 초대전 출품작

Wind whispers at the branch of bamboo. Early morning dew fades by whispering wind. It is not two which comes and goes. Wind and dew are not two. Only bamboo stands straight.



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