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어머니, 母, Mother, 35×51cm, 한지ㆍ먹,
어머니의 빛展 출품작, 2002년 개인소장

Mother a homely and sorrowful word, yet always a comfort. A word that refers to someone I know well, who, instead of exclaiming with brilliant words, always smiled a heart-warming smile. When I think about the word, I cannot help but remember the age-old, accumulation of heartache upon heartache. I've been known as a mother of a woman, a mother of a man, and another mother of someone, of somebody, somewhere. But I realize, mothers are mothers, anytime, anywhere - someone with unlimited generosity, boundless devotion, and willingness to give anything, even her life, as long as it's for the good of her sons and daughters. Someone who offers you love. That is priceless, without asking for much. Mother, O Mother. How can we compare her with anything that exists in the world? How can we express what is contained in the word, other than with the word, Mother, itself.

포청골(남한산성내 사적지 표지석),
The Valley of Po-chung,
화선지 탁본, 1995년, 광주시 소장
이수복 시 어머니, Yi Soo-bok's Poem,
57×63Cm, 화선지ㆍ먹, 1996년, 작가소장

Equality, universality, absolute truth.
How many people can say their truthfulness. Without division of external or internal, how many people will practice oneness on this earch.
How many people might be able to compare themselves with the word, 'trhth' which distinctively stands on the old Korean paper which never surrenders through indefinite time and the meaning of 'sameness' which spreads widely? Will reflection of absolutely unchanged oneness be mere universe wish of us.
Materals of brush not only speak of varisous fur are numersour. Fur of deverse animals, weed, straw and even bamboo, it is even hard to classify one by one. Calligrapher usually uses wool fur. Concerning fur. It means goar fur. When calligraphers get together, woman's lipstick replaces the ink stick/brush when they art unavailable. But, it is mere a game. It is assumed that there would not be any better one than goat fur. I made brush by use of hari of my young daughter one day, it gives me the perculiar joy to use it as if I treat my daughter.

眞如 (『均如傳』,「普賢十願歌」句),
32×53cm, 韓紙, 墨,
옛빛찾기展ㆍ인도네시아展 출품작,
2000년, 개인소장

  天然之情(천연으로 저절로 생기는 정), Naturally generated affection
78×28cm, 韓紙ㆍ墨, 어머니의 빛展 출품작, 2002년, 개인소장

I want to smile a heart-warming smile.
I want to see somebody smile a heart-warming smile.
The heart-warming smile that appears on the face of someone I dearly love
always brightens my entire world.

빙그레, Smile, 60×30cm, 한지ㆍ먹,
성균관대박물관展 출품작, 2002년, 개인소장

우물 (尹東株 詩句), Poem of Dong-Joo Yoon, 53×103cm, 화선지ㆍ먹, 2000년, 아름다운 한글서예 미국展 출품작, 작가소장

We realize much by meaning of well.
Like a spring water which streams out from the invisible bottom of earch no matter how many times water is sprung, human being has the affection which never shows its end no matter how many times it is expressed.
I like a short sentence when creating either works of Chinese character or Korean meaning clearly, but also unique with visual effect.
The reason why I put the ㅇ in terms of word, well (Woomun in Korea, O is the first vowel) is because I might have thought the moon which rises up to the sky to be seen from the well.
Also, ㄹ of word of 'Mul' might be the sream of water hidden in the well...


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